About Us

Since 1960, Imperial Woodworks of Waco, TX, has been at the forefront in serving the church furniture market. With humble beginnings and hard work, Imperial grew into their 120,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, manufacturing facility. At their current location since 2004, they are located about 100 miles from Dallas and Austin, strategically located in the center of the U. S., which enables them to competitively service customers from coast to coast. With several CNC routers and numerous computerized machines for highly accurate cutting, sanding, shaping, planing and finishing all types of wood products, Imperial Woodworks’ notoriety has spread across the nation and has continued to impress and satisfy churches of all sizes.

In 2003, Imperial Woodworks purchased the assets of Overholtzer Church Furnishings that operated out of Modesto, CA. Previously a competitor, the acquisition and the ensuing exchange of experiences, machinery and techniques broadened and improved the quality and products offered by Imperial.

Currently, Imperial has a presence in all 50 states, and consistently does work in Canada and Mexico throughout the year. Though growth and expansion have become the norm, they remain a family-centered company, ever-mindful of their desire to deliver unsurpassed quality at affordable prices. Imperial is proudly run today by the second generation, and the third generation is garnering hands-on experience, learning the ropes, and just as passionate about church furniture as were their predecessors.

Over 50 years later, Imperial Woodworks, Inc., continues to provide quality and value to churches across the USA. From their selection of raw materials to their manufacture, delivery, installation, and with superior technology, experience and devotion to the craft of furniture making, Imperial remains America’s leader in the manufacture of high-quality worship seating and church furniture.

Imperial Woodworks, Inc. has proudly earned their place in the market—one project and happy customer at a time.