Church Pew Bodies

All-Wood Pew Bodies

You will see the natural beauty in our all-wood grain, Northern Red Oak pew body that show-cases a comfortable, contoured seat. This pew body has a flat wood back and grade-A veneers that are 100% sound with a subtle grain. All wood pews can be made using edge-glued solid wood or by using a hardy, plywood core. You’ll appreciate the comfort the contoured wood seat with rounded solid oak nosing provides to your congregation.

We also offer wood pew bodies made with a flat seat and/or flat back which is better suited for loose, reversible seat cushions if desired.

Upholstered Pew Bodies

Upholstered pew bodies offer the ultimate comfort due to the luxurious cushioned pew backs and scientifically contoured seats. The strength and durability of our upholstered pews will last a lifetime—We guarantee it!

Choose rich wood finishes and complement with your choice of upholstery made from the finest fabrics. We have a wide range of stains and fabrics from which to choose. A fabric covered pew adds elegance and protection while a finished wood panel on the backside is esthetically pleasing and improves acoustics.


Fabric or Wood Back options on upholstered pews.

PEW BODY 953/984 WITH END NO. C-525

Upholstered back using 2" lumbar cushion, matching fabric on backside of back, 4" contoured foam cushioned seat.

PEW BODY 973/986 WITH END NO. C-522

Our most luxurious pew uses 2- 1/2" lumbar cushion, matching fabric on backside of back, 5" contoured foam cushioned seat.

Overholtzer Series Pew Bodies

For unparalleled quality and value, look to our Overholtzer Series Pew Bodies. We combine a marquis three-inch solid wood, shoulder-rolled caprail, lumbar-padded back support with the most comfortable spring seat on the market. The same great designs from Overholtzer's church seating are now available from Imperial Woodworks, Inc., sure to please any congregation.

All-wood pews can be made from solid wood or with plywood core and face veneers. Shown with #900 ends.

All-wood pew body

Sample with #34 all-stained pew ends.

Pew Body 870/989 with C900 Pew Ends with spring cushioned seat. Inset: Rear view showing wood finished backside.

Wood Back Pew Bodies with Upholstered Seats

This upholstered foam cushioned seat style pew combined with the timeless beauty of a wood grain delivers ultimate comfort with our contoured foam seat. The upholstered seat though fixed, can be easily removed for reupholstering for generations to come. You’ll love the combination of acoustics, comfort and beauty that is desired in today's churches. We proudly use the finest stains and finishes to ensure that every pew is as durable as it is handsome.

Pew body 940/989 with #3310-S ends Our wood back pews can be combined with our comfortable spring seat as well.

PEW BODY 940/984 WITH END NO. 3371 Two tone colonial, white and stained.